✨🎄Happy Monday Everyone!🎄✨
The Access students made Jingle Bell ornaments! They first picked from three colored bells, placed elastic string through the bells. After that, they had a variety of beads and stars 🌟 they can pick from to assemble their ornament.
It was a little bit hard, but they managed it! ❤️

Once they finished putting together their ornament, the students placed a red ribbon! 🎀

They came out so cute!! 🌟

🌟The jingle bell ornaments came out great! 🔔🌟

✨Well done Access students! ✨

To wrap it up, the Access students danced to “Nice, Nice, Christmas!” 🎄

✨Worth mentioning✨

The Access 3 student did a  Christmas Hidden Message for penmanship! Well done!

🎄Until next time! 🎄