Last week, we looked at how Disney characters are designed and created.


Characters are not the only important part of a Disney film.


What else is important? The story.



Students took a close look at one part of the storyboard of a familiar Winnie the Pooh scene.


“First… next… then…”



“Look. Here comes Roo.”


Once students had an idea of what a storyboard is, it was time to create their own.



The story started with a dog going out an open door and out of the yard.


Where did he go?


What did he do?



Students took their job as a story creator very seriously.



They even asked their friends what they thought about the story.



Then it was time for the presentation. Which story would the class like best?



Some stories were sad.



Others had everyone laughing.



There were so many great stories.



However, when asked to choose a favorite, there was a clear winner.



“Hero Dog Saves the Day”