We continue our month of music by thinking about when we hear different songs.

Everyone knows what song we hear on our birthdays, but what about at other times?

First, we thought about New Year’s.

At first, students weren’t sure what song could be for New Year’s.

After humming a little bit, then it started to sound familiar.

There are also certain songs we hear at weddings.

Once you hear the wedding march, you won’t forget it.

Music doesn’t happen just at events though.

There are many melodies we hear every day that get stuck in our heads.

Let’s see if we can recognize them.

All of these melodies are ones we hear in our daily lives.

That’s right. That’s the iPhone melody.

At the end of the day it was time to test out whether students remembered the event songs.

Some were easy to remember and all students confidently went to thee right event.

Others had a little more hesitation but students were determined not to lose.


That’s right! Trust in your instinct.


The World of Music is so fun.