Today’s theme was America’s 4th of July celebration! We talked about what people like to do to celebrate on this day. Things like hot dog eating contests, fireworks, watching baseball, and having a BBQ.

Instead of doing these things, we played some patriotic games. We played a game based on the famous lawn activity called “Cornhole.”

We tossed beanbags into a box that was in the center of the room. The team that got the most beanbags in (from a seated position) won.

We also played “Steal The Flag.” Two teams had to maneuver around each other to get to the other team’s home base and steal a flag. They had to do it from a seated position without getting tagged. If they got tagged, they had to go back and return the flag. The team with the most flags won!

It was a fun way to celebrate the 4th of July together!