Have you ever heard of a cel?

It’s one of the most important parts of traditional animation.



In today’s lesson, students created their own cels.


The lesson started off with a review game to see who could find a vocabulary word the fastest.



It got very competitive.



Next, students learned some facts about animation.


Did you know that it takes more than 100,000 hand drawn pictures to make a Disney movie?

Students were very surprised to hear this.

After watching a video about how cels are made and used, students were excited to try making their own.



First, they traced the outline of Pooh and his balloon.



Then they flipped their outline over and began carefully coloring it in.



Everyone wanted to get Pooh to look just right.



Finally, Pooh was ready to make his journey.



So students set him down on the background.



Sliding Pooh along the picture little by little made for an interesting sight.

Pooh was flying!



Watch out or Pooh will hit the tree.

There were a lot of laughs as students played around with the cels they had made.



Look at all these wonderful Winnie the Pooh cels!


Learning about the World of Disney this month has been a lot of fun.