Today, ACCESS engaged in exciting activities centered on the theme of “Eyes,” which has been their Science learning focus for the entire month.

We did an activity to identify their dominant eye by closing one eye and using the other to view or read something. This activity was aimed at determining which of their eyes had superior visual acuity.

Furthermore, we enhanced the challenge by adorning an eye patch over one eye and engaging in a friendly competition with our partner, testing our abilities to successfully catch the ball as it is passed between us.

Students likewise envisioned the way individuals with visual impairments navigate using a cane and tactile paving. We placed tapes on the floor, and students determined their direction by feeling the tape beneath their feet.

In addition, students are presented with a video wherein they are challenged to identify the one color among several identical ones that appears different.

In summary, the students had a fantastic day filled with valuable learning experiences and active participation in the various activities.
Teacher Marilyn