Today’s Access class was an exciting one as we went on a scavenger hunt in the park. Though the sun was already hiding, and the breeze was chilly we were all excited to explore the lush green surroundings. The park was a natural haven, with a serene pond, towering trees of various kinds, and vibrant flowers in hues of pink, yellow, red and purple.

As we set out on our quest, armed with our list of items to find, we were filled with enthusiasm and anticipation. We scoured the bushes and grassy areas carefully until we found some bugs.

One of the most exciting finds was a leaf that looked like a clover. It was a rare discovery, and we all felt proud to have spotted it. We also found one single majestic small pine tree and pinecones.

As we continued our search, we stumbled upon rocks in different shapes- some round, some square, jagged and smooth.

Our last discovery was a tiny mushroom, peeking out from under a huge tree. It was so small and delicate, yet so fascinating to examine up close.

The most challenging part is to find the purple egg which is the twist of the hunt, since it’s the only item not organic in the park. Luckily, Sana from PreAccess found it just in time for the hunt’s conclusion.

Overall, the scavenger hunt was an incredibly fun and educational experience. It allowed us to connect with nature and appreciatethe beauty that surrounds us. We learned to pay attention to the little details and appreciate the diversity of the natural world. It was a wonderful way to spend the day, and we left the park feeling energized and inspired.

Anna (Pre-Access Teacher)