Today in access class we began our weaving craft. We started by discussing different types of patterns, like polka dots and stripes, and then looked at the example for the craft.


After explaining what weaving is and how to make the pattern, we had the students choose which color paper they wanted for their base.


The next step was to draw four wavy lines across the paper to be cut by the teacher.


The students enjoyed planning out their wavy lines so that they would not intersect and would make a nice pattern.



The students had fun making their wavy lines unique to their personal design.


After they were finished with the wavy lines, the students decided what color they would like for their weaving strips.


They got to choose between yellow, light green, green, light blue, purple, and pink.


After handing out the colored paper, the students had to carefully cut the strips.


The students were very focused on cutting the lines nicely so that their weaving would turn out well.


After making sure that they had cut out exactly ten weaving strips, we collected the materials and finished the class excited about finishing our weaving project next Monday!
Kat Randle