Hello everyone!


With the start of summer vacation, our kids at Kamikitazawa won’t be having any homework. It’s time to relax for a little while, but not remember! If we stop using English we will ending up forgetting many things we learnt this year, so try to practice every day even if there is no homework.


A new month means a new monthly topic, August will be about our family. So today we started talking about things to do with our grandma.


Since we have free time in summer, it is very common for kids to visit their grandparents house and spend time with their grandmas. Imagine that you would spend an entire week with her, what would you do?


The kids were separated in two groups to organize a week of activities to do with their grandmas.



We had a big variety of activity proposals; from going to the beach or shopping, to playing video games, or even kickboxing!

Hopefully, this summer they will be able to do a thing or two! Planning is fun but is even better if you get to fulfill them.


Thank you for reading, that was everything for today.


Have a nice week and see you next Tuesday.