Today in ACCESS we learned all about cacti! Continuing our lesson last week about living in the desert, we focused on one of the most important parts of a desert ecosystem: the plants.

We looked at lots of different types of plants before we turned our attention to the Saguaro Cactus. Did you know it can live up to 200 years?


After discussing the different parts of the cactus: the arms, the spines, the fruit, and the flowers, we made our own!


We worked in two teams to draw the outline of the cactus. Then we cut it out.


After cutting out one cactus, we had to trace the outline and cut out a second one so it can stand up on its own.


After we had two pieces, we had to make them green, so we covered them in construction paper.


Once finished, we decorated with spines.

Be careful! Those spines are sharp!