Today was Day 2 of Summer School.

Before starting their task for the day, it was time for students to check in on their sea monkeys.



“What do you see?”

“They’re swimming!”



We had to look very closely, but we could indeed see hundreds of little monkeys swimming around.


Today students learned about how fossils are formed.

After talking about their formation, students drew their own examples.



“First the _____ died.”

“Second, it fell into water.”

Wait 10,000 years and out comes a fossil.


Talking about fossils is nice, but becoming a miniature paleontologist was even more fun.



Goggles on and hammers ready, students got right to work.



It was hard work at first. Among the tap, tap, tap of the hammers I sometimes heard groans of “I don’t see it yet.”



“I see it!” Students grew excited as soon as they saw a glimpse of their fossil.

It was time to slow down and be careful not to break it.



Like a real paleontologist students had to use a variety of tools to clean off their fossil.

It was hard work, but it was well worth the wait.



Look at all these fantastic fossils.

Today we dug out a crow shark tooth, a pink drupe, a sea lily, and a piece of coral.


Our fossil fun continues tomorrow.