Look at all the fun students had in ACCESS this year.

Today we continued our exploration of news.

Today’s topic was, the newspaper.

After talking about what newspapers students get at home, it was time to think about what could be put into ACCESS News.

First, students needed to think about what was done throughout the year.

Above you can see the six activities that students liked the most.


However, six activities was still too many.

It was time to vote and narrow it down to the top three.

This wasn’t an easy task.

First, students were given green slips of paper and told to choose their number one.

“Okay. What was your number 2 favorite activity?”

This is where things started to get tricky.

Sometimes it was hard to pick one activity over the other.

In the end, students all chose their top 3 activities.


After that, it was time to take the 3 activities with the most votes and create our newspaper.

Some students worked on creating the title font for the paper.

Others worked on filling out the details about the activities chosen.


Extra! Extra! Get your special edition of ACCESS News.