The Olympics have begun!

Today it was time to learn about some of the sports and the players that do them.

We started the day by talking about the winter sports we like to do.

Can you guess what sport this boy likes to do?

That’s right! He love snowboarding.

He showed us his cool form.

We learned about speed skating, figure skating and curling today.

We imagined what it must be like to figure skate.

Is it easy to do such fancy moves on the ice?

Let’s try it out!

Slide gracefully across the ice.


And you stuck the landing!

That was beautiful!


After having some skating fun, it was time to take a peek at how the real Olympics were going.


First we made a chart of some of the countries we know are competing.

Then we wrote down their current medal counts.


Countries are winning medals fast.

We’ll continue adding to the medal count on our chart next week.

Have fun watching sports this week!