Hello and Happy Tuesday! Let’s review what we did in Access today. Our focus was on the theme for this month: “In the classroom,” and we also discussed recess. 

Recess, in America, refers to break time, eating light snacks and play time. Most American schools have a 20-30 minute break in the middle of the morning for kids to recharge and study better. It is a time for students to regain energy. 

Interestingly, in Japan, they do not have recess, and the students expressed a desire to have it. 

During our session today, we engaged in various hand games popular in America. One of the games we learned was a clapping game called “Miss Mary Mack.” We practiced the song and the clapping rhythm with a partner. 

Another activity we enjoyed was string games, where children used a string to create different images like star, parachute and butterfly. 

Overall, everyone had a fantastic time. Looking forward to seeing you all next week.