Each month we have a birthday party to celebrate those who have a birthday in that particular month. Before we sing Happy Birthday and give out presents, we play some party games. This month, to celebrate the upcoming Summer Olympics, we played the Olympic Rings balancing game. The kids had to balance 4 big rings, and have it stand for 5 seconds.

“It’s too difficult!”

“I did it!”

It was very challenging, but we had a winner with the winning time of 12 seconds!

We also played a Ring Toss game where they had to roll a ring towards a wall, and make it come back.

“I can do it faster! I want to try again!”

This was also difficult to do, but we had a winner with the winning time of just 2 seconds!

And our final game was a Cup Stacking game where kids had to flip over cups, and put a ball inside each of the cups using a robot arm.

The kids had a lot of fun, and did their best to beat the record times.

Happy Birthday!