We’ve been learning all about snacks this month.

We know some are salty and some are sweet.

We know some are healthy and some are not.


Why are some snacks and drinks unhealthy?

The answer is that they have too much sugar.


Let’s look at the sugar in some drinks we love.

First, we lined up some common drinks.

We tried to guess which would have more or less sugar and put them in order.

Then it was time time to find out the real amount.

First, we examined their labels.

Then we measured out the amount of student that is in each bottle.

We had a friend check our measurements to make sure they were correct.

We put our sugar for each bottle into little bags and lined them up.

Water has no sugar.

However, sports drinks so have sugar.

Once they were all lined up, it was time to compare the amounts.

Look how much sugar is in orange juice!

We were surprised to learn that there is so much sugar in even fruit juices.

We will need think hard about what we drink from now on.