Do you know this pumpkin?

It is a famous art installation by Yayoi Kusama.

Today the students made dot art inspired by her.


When told the year she was born, one student said “My grandpa was born the next year!”



First, students drew their pumpkins. They had to decide if they would be tall and long or short and fat.



Then, students cut the pumpkins out. Students with bumpy pumpkins needed to cut very carefully.



After that, it was time to choose a background and glue the pumpkins on.

Then it was time for the main event; designing the pumpkin in imitation of one of Yayoi’s.





While we at first decided we would only use black plus two colors, some students asked if they could use more if it matched their pattern.


Once the pumpkins themselves were finished, it was time to add in the background.





Some chose simple patterns, some chose more intricate ones.

The repeating patterns came out looking very cool.


Take a look at our hard work!





One student even decided to add a 3D accessory to finish off their design.



Isn’t the world of Yayoi Kusama wonderful?