Have you heard of Andy Warhol?

He was a modern artist who loved using vivid color combinations.

Since this art was going to be a little tricky, it was important to understand the concept first.

Students were asked to pick four colors.

First, they picked their favorite color.

Then they picked the color of their favorite character.

Then they picked two colors they thought would match.

Students began by coloring the background of their starting square.

They chose which of the four squares they wanted to start with.

Continuing on they colored the top of their second can, then the bottom of their third.

The older students caught on to the pattern quickly.

With the younger students, we invented a class chant.

“Background, up, down, SOUP.”

“Background, up, down, SOUP.”

By the third and fourth color, everyone had the pattern down.

Once cut out, the art was glued onto a colored background.

The background really made the colorful soup cans stand out.

Just like Andy Warhol, the students ended the day showing off their soup masterpieces.

We’ll have a display of them up on the wall soon.

Come by and check it out.