Hello everyone, hope everyone had a nice holiday!


Today it’s time to go back to our usual routine, and like every Tuesday this month we talked about a special city in the world.


Last week we learned about Venice, Italy; this week we came a little closer to Japan and learned about a city from Australia called ‘Coober Pedy’.


I’m sure you are wondering what makes this city different from any other city. It is located in South Australia, in a place where the temperatures are so extreme it makes it impossible to live normally… so they build their houses underground!



The kids were really interested in the unusual houses and their way of living, but most of them said that they wouldn’t live there. Many of them were afraid of possible bugs or snakes, others didn’t like the lack of natural light.


We may never live in a house like this, but using our imagination is always fun. So for today’s activity we designed how our houses would be inside of a cave.


Ryosuke rather than be afraid of the bugs, he captured them! It was reall Interesting to see all the different houses and how they decorated them.



That was everything for today, hope everyone had a good day, and see you next week.