Let’s stencil!


Today, we learned a new way to do art.

Today’s art technique was using a stencil.


What’s a stencil?



A stencil is a part you cut out the inside of to make the shape you want.

By painting inside that shape, you create a fun pattern.



In our class, there is only one way to decide who gets to choose their paper color first.

That is rock, paper, scissors.

In this round, many students matched my scissors.



After the choosing order was decided, it was time to line up and pick out a piece of paper.

Blue was a popular choice.



Students began their art by choosing different footprints and leaves.



They carefully colored inside their stencils to make the pattern they wanted.

This dinosaur was walking on a path.



Then it was time to let the first layer of paint dry.

Fanning at it helped speed up the process.



After choosing a dinosaur, it was time to add another layer of paint.

Students carefully painted in single long strokes to fill in their stencils.



Completed dinosaurs were lifted up slowly.



Look at all our dinosaurs!