Look at these antlers!


Today was the last Science lesson for Kamikitazawa ACCESS so it was time to wrap up our study of the North and South Pole.

After reviewing the previous two animals we studied this month – polar bears and penguins – it was time to focus on one last animal… the reindeer.

We began by learning some facts about reindeer.

We learned that just like polar bears, reindeer live near the North Pole.

One of the things we learned about reindeer was that their hooves make interesting tracks in the snow.

It was time to become detectives and see if we could match the tracks to the animal.

Everyone did great at this.

Then it was time to pick our favorite animal of the month.

We had to think long and hard about this animal.

All three animals are so interesting, after all.

Then it was time to finish up our month with a tribute to today’s animal.

We began by matching up our color layers.

We were careful to only use colors that match each other.

Then we had to choose one of two reindeer designs to attach to our background.

Finally, we needed to write one of the reindeer facts down.

Ta-da! We then had our very own amazing reindeer hats.

How about you?

What’s your favorite North Pole or South Pole animal?