We really enjoyed learning about the works of Eric Carle this month.


We talked about different animals and what they might see.

Then we learned all about animals and their loving mothers.

Today it was time to look at one last book.

Today’s book was titled “Papa, please get the moon for me”.

It’s a story about a curious daughter and a dad who will do anything to make her happy.


We read along with the story using a video.

Each time it came up, we repeated the key phrase of “Papa, please get the moon for me.”

The students really enjoyed the video.

Once our story was finished, we talked about what we liked about all three.

“Now, it’s time to pick your favorite.”

Each student picked their favorite to write a book report about.

Once finished, they talked about their favorite book with their classmates.

We’ll be sure to do more report presentations in the future.

I wonder what we’ll be learning about next month.