This Thursday for science, we learned all about how to live in the desert.


First we discussed what defines a desert. Surprisingly, it doesn’t mean sand and heat! The most important thing is that there’s very little water.
Them we looked at all of the different deserts in the world. Did you know that there are deserts on the North and South Poles?



The students found and labeled all of the deserts.


After learning where everything is on the map, we watched a video showing how people live in the desert. We talked about how you have to wear a lot of loose clothing to keep cool and protected from the sun. We saw how people have to search for water, and keep moving to find more resources. Then it was time to play a game!


Starting at the center of the room, students had five second to answer each question by going to one side of the room or the other. The questions were all about whether people living in the desert CAN or CAN’T do certain things.
Can they find water easily?


Can they go “sand-sledding?”


Can the students get most of the answers right?


Great job everyone!