Hey everyone, let’s dive into the hilarious world of pranking in our Access session today. 

That’s right – we’re talking about pranks! But what really makes a prank a hit? It’s all about spreading the laughter to everyone involved, not just the prankster themselves. So, how do you distinguish between a funny prank and one that’s a bit over the top?

We had a blast watching various prank videos and learning to differentiate between good-natured pranks and ones that might be a little too much. And let me tell you, the giggles were non-stop and some got really scared. 

Today, we got our creative juices flowing and crafted some epic prank materials. As everyone got engrossed in their tasks, you could sense the excitement building up to unleash the ultimate pranks on each other. The anticipation was real! We can’t wait for next week! 

Thank you