Let’s continue learning about Canada.

Today we focused on the school life there.

After learning some new vocabulary words, students played a smash game.



Everyone wanted to be the first to touch the card.

It was an intense match.


Today’s topic was school life.

We watched a video to see what schools in Canada are like.



“Wait, no randoseru?”

Students were surprised that kids in Canada can bring any type of backpack they want.


To finish off the day, it was time for a Canadian schoolyard game.

We played “Duck, Duck, Goose”.


The rules are simple.

All students sit in a circle. One student is “it”. That student says “Duck, duck, duck… goose.”



The student who is touched has to get up and run as fast as they can to try to catch the “it” person.



If the person touched can catch the other person, then that person is out.



If the “it” person sits back down in the circle before being touched, then the runner is “it”.


Playing Duck, Duck, Goose was a lot of fun.