Happy New Year!


Today was the first ACCESS lesson of the year.

That meant it was time to go to a shrine and wish for good fortune in 2022.


After learning some shrine manners, we headed out.

Upon approaching the offering box, we once again checked what we needed to do.

First, we through in our offering.

Then we bowed deeply to show our respects.

We clapped.

Finally, we thought about all the good things we would like to happen this year.

We hope that our shrine visit will bring us good luck!

Upon returning to the school, it was time to test our luck in another way.

We decided to have fun with the Japanese way of telling fortunes called amidakuji.

First, we had to think of some fun things we wanted to happen to use in the future.


We wrote these down at the bottom.

Then we decided where we wanted to write our own names up at the top.

Finally, we traced our chosen path.

Zig-zag, zig-zag down to the bottom we went.


We really hope our fortunes will come true!