Last week, students thought of some fun designs for their clothes.

This week it was time to start transforming them into real clothes.


Before that, students enjoyed playing a vocabulary review game.



Then we talked about the future of fashion.

“What do you think the popular color this summer will be in fashion?”









Green or yellow.

While other colors were mentioned, green was the clear favorite.


Now that our minds were on fashion, it was time to get down to work.


First, draw on the design.



Then cut it out.



Don’t forget to use your model to try it on.




Now that students had their basic shape, it was time to add some details.

Let’s try and guess what they made.



What do you think the boys made?



Oh, that’s a lot of pockets.




How about the girls?



They added pleats to their skirt.


Both fashion teams at Kamikitawa are working hard.

Next week we’ll see the final products.