Happy Thursday everyone! Today in ACCESS Science class, we continued our study of climate change and global warming. We reviewed our climate vocabulary and what we learned last time about greenhouse gases.

Then we asked the question, “if the ice caps melt, what will happen to the water?” The students were able to answer correctly that the sea levels would rise. And if the sea levels rise, what will happen to people living on islands? Is Japan an island nation? Oh no!

Japan has a lot of big islands, though, so we may not see the effects now, but there are places where climate change has already made an impact. We learned about the island nation of Tuvalu in order to see what happens to a small island when the sea levels rise.

Then it was time for a game to show the students what it means to share a smaller and smaller amount of space. The students split into teams to see which team could stay on their island of paper the longest as storms and rising oceans shrink the land.

Everyone had to learn to share pretty quickly! Cooperation was definitely a better strategy than fighting with each other.


The girls’ team even figured out that stacking things higher is a good option when you can’t spread out. Great job everyone!