We love Canada!

That was the class mood of the day.


Students enjoyed learning about Canada all throughout November.

However, it was time to say goodbye to our friendly Northern neighbor.



Students began the day by reviewing what they knew about Canda.

They located it on their globes and showed off their favorite animals.



They also did a worksheet to review the main symbols of Canada.



Students really enjoyed playing a vocabulary review game.

They raced to be the first to touch the correct word.



Then it was time for today’s activity.

Clapping rhythm games are very popular in Canada so students tried them out.



“Lemonade, Crunchy ice”



“Sip it once, Sip it twice”


Students were able to remember and do the Lemonade chant easily, so it was time to try out a harder one.



This one was a little harder, so we decided to just focus on learning the actions.



It took some practice, but by the end of the class everyone had mastered both clapping patterns and one of the chants.


Great job, everyone!