Welcome to our zombie cafe.



Halloween is almost here.

Today we held our annual Halloween party.

This year’s theme was Zombie Cafe.



What’s that? You ask.

It’s a finger sandwich.



Students also enjoyed some brain jelly topped off with an eyeball gummy and jam for blood.





Most students loved their creepy treats.


After snacking on some spooky sweets, it was time to play some games.



First, students worked in teams to try and complete a skeleton.



Some of the bone placements seemed a bit off.



The kindergarten age in particular had an interesting idea about how to put together a skeleton.



There were also tarot readings given to the children.

Will the next year be full of treats or full of tricks? That’s what they were here to find out.



Some students enjoyed bowling with skulls.



Others had fun seeing how far they could travel on their skull stepping stones.




We also danced the Monster Mash.


To finish off the day, students were asked to find a ticket that would allow them to take home a Halloween treat.



“Trick or treat!”



Everyone had a lot of fun.





We hope to see you back again next year.




Happy Halloween!