What’s today’s date? It’s November 20.

What’s Thursday’s date? It’s November 23.

What’s special about November 23? This was a harder question for students to answer.


After explaining the meaning of Thanksgiving, I asked students what they were thankful for.



Then it was time to begin creating our headdress of thanks.


First, students wrote out their ideas on scrap paper. They wanted to be sure their spelling was correct.



Some common themes were “family”, “friends”, and “my mom for making lunch for me.”

Once everyone had their ideas written out, it was time to begin working on their thanks feather.




Tracing and cutting such a detailed feather was a lot trickier than students first thought it would be.

Everyone wanted their feather to be perfect.



Look at our amazing thanks feathers.


Once feathers were complete, it was time to put them on the headdress.




There were so many feathers!



Let’s all remember to be thankful this week.