2022 is almost over.

Our theme in Social Studies this month is News.



Let’s review what happened this year.

So many big events happened.

We reviewed several of the main ones and practiced answering key questions about them with the information we knew.

“When did that happen?” “In November.”

Our Wh- questions really came in handy.



Students were then asked about how they spent 2022.

Some wrote about their summer vacation.



What about in ACCESS?

A lot of things happened in our ACCESS class this year as well.

After discussing some of the main ones, we worked on adding them to our 2022 timeline.



That’s right. We made lemonade in July.



We are now thinking about Rainbow Stars in December.



Little by little, students remembered more about the year.

They added those memories to their poster.



Wow! 2022 was such a busy year.