Today was another fun art lesson.

Our theme was time travel.

We began the lesson by talking about the concept.

Past   Present   Future

We know the present is now. 

However, understanding the past took some time.

“When would you like to go to?”

One idea put out was “to meet Tokugawa Ieyasu.” 

We talked about how that means going back to the Edo Period.

There were so many different items to choose from when it came to building our time machines.

To make it fair, the first round of picking items had a rule of “one big, two small, one base cardboard.”

Many students had trouble deciding what they wanted to use. There were just so many options.

Maybe this long stick could be the center of the controls.

Some students went for a flatter time machine, others used layers to create a 3d effect.

Writing the timeline on the machine was a must.

Maybe this piece could be our turning knob.

Students had so many unique ideas that it was hard to decide on just one concept.

We took a class vote and decided there was just too much possibility in our ideas to rush it.

Here are what our time machines look like so far.

When would you like to travel to?