Happy Thursday everyone! Today in ACCESS we continued our studies of global warming and climate change. We’ve had a lot of fun this month, but today we discussed how the problem is really very serious. What can we do about it?

Someone who has done something to fight against global warming is Greta Thunberg. She is an activist from Sweden who travels the world to speak to world leaders about the dangers of global warming. We read about her life and her activism.

We discussed why someone as young as she is has been making speeches and telling adults what to do. We talked about different types of speech, and how usually it’s important to be polite and gentle with our words, but sometimes being direct and harsh can be necessary. Then we watched one of her speeches.

She used the phrase “blah blah blah” many times, and we talked about what that means. The students came up with examples of when they could use that phrase.

After answering some questions about Greta Thunberg’s life, we asked ourselves the question: what can we do to help stop climate change? The students wrote their own plans and commitments.

Together, we can make a difference!