It’s Monday, and that means just one thing. It’s time for Art!



Look at all these seeds.

Did you know that a piece of corn has a special name? It is called a kernel.


Before beginning our art, students practiced saying the seed names.

After each seed was introduced, they said, “I want to eat it!”



To begin our art, we needed to choose a shape.

Hearts and stars were the most popular.



Then it was time to plan our design.

Some students went simple, others added a lot of detail.



Picking out the seeds was one of the best parts of the art process.

Students enjoyed letting the different sized seeds run across their hands as they picked them up.



Working with bond glue can get a little messy.



Students knew their sticky hands would be worth it once their art was finished.




Little by little, students saw their designs take shape.




At long last, it was finally time to show off the final piece of art.



Students were very proud of the art they made.

Just look at the variety of pieces!



All the designs look great.