Happy Leap Day, Everyone!

Today, Pre-ACCESS created a captivating poster on climate change, a subject we’ve been diving into every Thursday this month. 

We covered key topics like the greenhouse effect, rising sea levels, and the impact on polar bears due to melting ice.

Our main message is clear: “The weather is changing a lot. Last summer was really long. This winter is really cold.” Plus, we’ve been rallying around the chant “No ice, no seals, no polar bears.” Our mission is straightforward: to save the polar bears.

But talk is cheap—we’re taking action. We’re learning how biking, walking, reducing plastic bag usage, layering up instead of cranking the heat, and cutting down on meat and dairy can help cool the Earth.

Join us in our quest to save the polar bears by taking action alongside us. Together, we can create a healthier planet for all. Are you with us?