Today, we learned about the beauty of Italy.


Did you know Italy is where ice cream originated?


We talked about the differences between gelato and ice cream. Ice cream has more air but gelato is nice and thick.

Italy is a very popular traveling destination point and highly romanticized. Italy has many clear waters, awesome hiking locations, and delicious food.


The students  watched videos on the food from Italy such as freshly made pizza, pasta, and gelato. Our mouths were watering.


We also talked in depth about the gondola. Due to global warming, the waters in the canals have been reducing, causing difficulties in the water transportation system. The students were in awe of the water buses in Italy as a mode of travel.


The students were also excited to try their hand at creating their own gondolas using paper.





We ended the time by sharing the beauty of Japan. The students said they would not want to travel to Italy because they love Japan more. Japan has sushi, beautiful mountains, and also great modes of transportation. We cannot wait to learn about other countries.


English Pocket Gotanda