The Jupiter 4 students have continued working hard in their reading and writing classes.

In our reading class we recently read a story about a Heat Wave that took over a farm. The heat wave had caused a lot of strange things to happen, such as pop the corn, roast the chickens and let plants walk into the shade. This was a very fantastical story, so it was hard for city kids to imagine a rural farm story in America. The details and pictures however were funny enough for them to enjoy the story.

In writing class the students are learning to make picture maps, in order to structure their writing. Maps such as venn diagrams, flow maps and time lines are some of the maps they learned. Their favorite map to use is the venn diagram as it helps them compare and contrast details of stories and can be used for more relatable topics.

In our spectrum reading class the students are currently following a class’s story visiting timely places, such as a farm in the 1800s and how life was like in the past. The students were surprised to know that clothing had come from sheep’s wool and that Saturdays were dedicated bread days in the past.

In science class the students have been learning about rocks in our Earth, more specifically igneous and metamorphic. They learned that metamorphic rocks are always changing whenever they seep back into the Earths crust. We did an activity showcasing this by using melted chocolate as a rock’s base and adding in cookies, crackers, and candies into the mix to show that rock is always changing and can have different components depending on the circumstances. It was also very yummy!