The students and I reviewed the parts of a mushroom such as gills, cap, ring skirt, and spores. The students had a difficult time recalling parts of a mushroom, next week they will challenge themselves to bring to mind what the different parts of a mushroom are. After reviewing the mushroom, we were thinking about different parts of a vegetable such as the seeds, roots, flower, stem, and fruit. The teacher asked, “what are the parts of a vegetable that are edible?”



The students shared their favorite vegetables such as an eggplants, tomatos, asparagus, and corn. The students love eating their vegetables and can name several. After disucssing different vegetables, we categorized them into the parts that are edible.




We had a competition to see which student can categorized the vegetables into the correct edible parts. The students won and the teacher lost. We disucssed different vegetables such as corn, beet roots, sunflower seeds, artichoke, and brocoli. Did you know califlower is a vegetable in which we can eat the flower part?


The students had an opportunity to look at the mushroom that they are growing. The mushroom felt very slimy and bumpy. The students said that the mushrooms smelt like natto beans. After watering the mushrooms for the day, the students talked about whether they would like to cut it and bring it home. However, the students said they did not want to bring the mushroom home because it looked grotesque to them. The teacher will challenge herself to bring it home and cook it. It has been so cool to see the mushrooms slowly growing bigger along with the students.





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