The students shared where their grandmas lived, what they love to do with grandma, favorite grandma’s cooking, and what they found at their grandparent’s house. Many of the students were amazed at the flower pots at their grandparents house. Living in Tokyo, there is not much space for flower pots and plants. Since all the student’s grandparents live around Japan, their grandparents have very nice big homes.



The students and I discussed our grandparents situation. Especially with Obon coming up, the students were all planning to go back to their hometowns. Everyone is excited to go spend time with their grandparents during Obon. One of the girls in the group shared her grandma lives in Ibaraki, where her grandma’s house is very big and spacious. She said she loves to go to the pool with her friends who live in the area. Another students shared she loves to eat snacks, lilke cookies, at her grandmother’s house in Hokkaido.


We also learned new words today like mysterious and treasure box. The students got to pick their favorite mysterious key and write a story about it. One student shared she found her mysterious key under her grandma’s bed, and it opens a special treasure box. She shared a story that the treasure box was filled with candy, gold, and necklaces. It was so much fun getting to imagine what this key of opportunities held.


Each student labeled their key and wrote their names on it. My students are very creative, and drew pictures of their key. Each key was golden colored but different patterns. One had a heart and jewels while another had special engravings on it. It was a fun time of presenting the different keys and hearing about the imaginations of each student. It was a wonderful lesson before a long break of Obon.






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