Pokemon go event was super effective.

The students started the event learning about the history of pokemon, and how it all started from a bug collecting hobby. We looked at the special pokemon that were region exclusive, Asia and Japan has, farfetch’d and Kangaskhan for Australia among many others. Then we looked at what pokemon we might find currently, for the season of spring and who would be out there in the field, Piplup and Tornados were some of the few today.

Our adventure started at Meguro bridge, where we battled our first gym, took over and battled a team rocket balloon.  We continued along the bridge among the beautiful cherry blossoms looking for pokemon to catch.

We ended the trip with a raid battle, where it was most  of the students first time to battle with 10 of their friends and they ended up cheering as it went by really quickly, and we caught Tornadus a legendary pokemon.  The students returned to school and drew pokemon that they saw and caught today, and made a poster together. Overall it was very fun playing Pokémon Go with friends, making new friends all while practicing our English!