In keeping with our theme of vegetables, the students talked about their favorite vegetables. Students thought of many vegetables such as avocado, onions, cabbage, okra, and renkon. Many shared that the bitterness of vegetables were challenging for them to eat. Sweet vegetables like corn were a popular choice. The students shared that watermelons are considered a vegetable in Japan. I couldn’t believe my ears. When looking it up, the internet said that watermelons are considered a fruit in America however in Japan, watermelons are considered fruit. What a fun fact!



The students shared in complete sentences their dislike and likes in terms of vegetable. One student said she disliked all vegetables. Another student shared she did not like eggplant due to the mushy texture. Hopefully the students will continue to grow in their love of healthy foods. In light of the theme of vegetables, the students actually created a mushroom dance. Throughout our activities, they have grown to have an interest in the growth of plants.




The last activity was a science experiment to see whether if the vegetables would sink or float. The students wrote a hypothesis on whether if the vegetables would sink or float in a large tub of water. Most of the answers were correct. Some of the vegetables that students guessed incorrectly were onion and cucumber. Fortunately, many of the students cooked and based on their experience, could make a correct hypothesis. It was a fun time discussing why some float and others do not. What a fun experience!



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