The key phrase for adventure time was “I went to my grandma’s house. Look at what I found. I found a key that …” The students created a tag for their mysterious keys last week. This week, the students brainstormed what the key could do. The students brainstormed what what we could do with the mysterious key such as opening a treasure box, room, car, and even a brain.



One students wrote a paper about the mysterious key opening up her brain. Unlocking her brain meant seeing what was inside her brain. The student loves kittens, so she said unlocking her brain meant to open up a world of kittens. She wrote in her paper that the kittens left her brain which made her sad. So sad that her tears turned into the Sumida River. How creative some of these students are!





Another student wrote about her mysterious key unlocking a treasure box at her grandparent’s house. The treasure box was filled with gold, jewelry, toys, and many snacks. She said she shared the treasure with her friends and family, then had a party.


It was a joy to come up with these ideas together. As a teacher, seeing the creativity filled brains come alive on paper was very exciting. The students had an opportunity to present their stories to the class. The students were shy initially but with each paper presented, the classroom was filled with laughter.





We ended the classtime, practicing our communication skills. We each took turns describing an animal, then having the others guess what animals we were describing. May the children grow up to continue cultivating their creative minds and developing communication skills to effectively share their thoughts and ideas. These children are the future.




English Pocket Gotanda