Today we had discussed the complexites of Turkey. Turkey has a very diverse population in religions and many kinds of people. The flag represents the beauty of Turkey particularly in diversity. The moon represents the main religions and the star represents many different kinds of people. How wonderful it is to live harmoniously despite our differences.


Did you know Turkey is located in two continents, Asia and Europe. What a unique place! Due to the transcontinental feature of Turkey, there is a mixture of culture, religions, foods, and architecture.



In Turkey, there are many different religions such as Islam, Buddhism, and Christianity. The students and I talked about the differences in religion compared to Japan. Japan has religions such as Shinto, Buddhism, and Christianity. The students talked about going to the temple during New Years, connecting with their god. Others talk about Shinto religion, and connecting with god through nature.


The students were in awe of the different styles of food and architecture as we saw in the YouTube video. We said one day we would like to visit. This is the one place that my students were wanting to go!



Lastly, we played a traditional Turkish game called Korebe, also known as blind catcher. This is a game where “ebe” the one that is it tries to catch the other kids while blindfolded. The kid that is caught becomes the next “ebe.” The students were creative in getting away from the ebe, as they ducked down, they listened really carefully, and made sudden movements. The students were very tired from all the running, giggling, and fun!



What a fun and exhiliterating day!

English Pocket Gotanda