I hope everyone is having a nice week, only two more days for the weekend!

Today’s, ACCESS class kept learning about touch. Now we know that

our touch help us know the texture, temperature, and even if something is sharp!

Pain is not the only unpleasant sensation that we can feel because of it. I’m pretty sure that everyone is familiar with “sticky”, specially now that is hot. How many ice creams have already melted on your hands? 😫

Today we talked about and drew those experiences; melted icecreams, dropped sodas, mochis, crafts that went more messy than they should…

Most of the food and drinks that make us sticky is because of the sugar. So even the sensation after it is unpleasant, usually we enjoy those beverages enough to not mind it much and consume them again. 🤤

“Sticky” doesn’t feel very good on our skin, but is something needed to glue things onto something else. Today we made our own “sticky wall”, can you find all the things that our students stuck to it?

Lastly, it was a special day today for it was the last day of a student. who has been studying with us for a long time. We had a surprised prepared for him as our last goodbye, so he won’t forget his time in English Pocket. All his clasmates and teachers wrote something for him!

Hope everything goes good for you in your new journey, We will miss you!

That was everything for today, thank you very much for reading.