Today was another good Thursday at English Pocket Ogikubo. Following this month topic we continued to learn about touch.

there’s another part of our body that we can use to touch and grab, that is our feet!

The toes are not as long as our fingers, and those muscles also are not trained as much as our hand’s, so grabbing bigger or heavier things can be an impossible mission.

Still, since we can feel through them we decided to do a small experiment. Kids first would close their eyes and try to recognize an item that the teacher put on their hands, something relatively easy to do.

Then we would do the same thing…Using our feet!

Smaller objects were easier to guess, but still it was more challenging than doing the exact same thing with our hands.

Feeling textures is not the same as we don’t have the same sensibility ( our feet tend to be more ticklish too) and since we can not grab the objects properly, knowing the shape is also harder.

That was everything for today, hope everyone is having an amazing week!

More fun will be awaiting for us next Thursday.

Thank you for reading!


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Maps and Technology

We first discussed why Maps are so important. And why we need them to get by.

Students were so intrigued to learn about different kinds of maps.

After learning about GPS is. Using Google Maps we explored the city.

Student A: I didn’t know there was a bakery here.

Student B: I didn’t notice we had so many convenient stores.

Well done everyone!