Hello everyone!

Last week of the month learning about our eyes! We left one of the most important points for the end: how to excercise them.

Our eyes just like any muscle in our body needs to move and with some proper exercise done we can even improve our eyesight. 👀

We started the class with a small warm up, showing the kids the simple movements they can do: from side to side, up and down, circles, cross..

Once our warm-up is over we used the song “Cotton eye joe” to do a full workout. Thankfully it is not as tiring as going out for a run. 🏃‍♀️

Just as we can be right-handed or left-handed, we usually have one eye that’s dominant over the other, to find which one is our we did a simple test using our hands and the clock on the wall.

We never notice how much we depend on this eye until we cover it. To show the kids how important our dominant eye can be for our balance and depth perception we did two easy games using an eyepatch.

First one was to walk following a straight line.

And then by pairs they had to pass a ball between them and see how many times they could catch it without dropping it to the floor.

Can you guess what was our highest score?

Only 3!

At last, we did a really fun test how strong our eyesight is. In a video they use 10 colors but one of them is actually different, the first stage is easy to see, but only 3% of the population can complete the 4th stage.

Our students seemed to do pretty good!

Hope everyone is doing as welll as our student’s eyes, have a nice week!