Today we studied about how the brain sees illusions. We began by talking about some key words; ‘Mystery’, ‘Brain’ and ‘Trick’. After talking about what these terms mean, we began to look at some simple illusions.

After this, we decided that we were going to make our own! We drew a fish on one part of the paper and colored it in orange. On a second piece of paper, we drew and colored in an ocean.

After creating our first illusion, we decided to try to draw a more complicated one! We looked at some different illusions to see how they work and then began to challenge ourselves in drawing our own illusions!

we decided to try to make this simple optical illusion. Here are the results!

As well as this, we decided to try something even more challenging!

We talked about this illusion and how it isn’t really moving but it is a trick of our mind! How exciting!

Thank you for reading our blog! See you next week!