Today we talked about a common northern American activity in the summer-lemonade stands.

‘What do we like to do in summer?’ ‘Drink cool drinks’!


‘That’s right. But how about lemonade? In America, they will make and sell their own homemade lemonade in the summer. Is it sweet or is it bitter?’

‘It’s sweet!’

We talked about what lemonade is and that it is made from lemons. We watched a video about the kids in America making lemonade as well as how to run a lemonade stand too.

As the babies cannot make and sell lemonade during the lesson, we decided to make lemonade by construction paper. They tried to imagine the feeling when having fresh lemonade on a hot day!

Moreover, we made a banner of Pocket Lemonade Stand and it is hand decorated all colored by babies:)

Let’s have a fresh summer day!