Today in access, we looked at what it would be like to be in University and the things we’d have to do to get there. This also included a virtual tour of a university, which allowed them to get a full idea of what they should expect, as well as discussing what their major might be.

To begin we talked about the language associated with university and what each one meant, with a keen focus on the ‘campus’ vocabulary.
Then, we went on the virtual tour which allowed the children to immerse themselves into university life. This included, actual interviews with the staff members at the university in each department.
In pre-access we broke the lesson down and talked about jobs and ourselves, trying to express what we liked and what we might like to do in the future. We then prepared a mini ‘ID’ card with information about ourselves.

In access, we made the task a bit more difficult and asked them to verbalize their thoughts and feelings towards university and what they hope for the future. They then used their phonics knowledge to try and implement this into sentence writing for everyone to see.

It’s safe to say that they are all on the right track to doing extremely well in the future!